Sunday, October 16, 2011

Transfer Media from LG-VN150 Revere to PC

The VN150 was not designed to transfer media to your PC via a USB connection, but there is a way to do it.  I am posting this after spending a ton of time finding the solution myself and figure there is bound to be someone else who needs the info.  The Revere is not recognized as an accessible storage device by your PC, VCast does not support it and there are no LG drivers nor updates that will make it compatible.  There is only one way directly load pictures from the handset to your PC.

Download and install BitPim, you can find it free yourself or follow this link.

Plug your VN150 into your PC with the USB cable and make sure it is turned on.

Launch BitPim

In BitPim, go to the View in the top menu bar and click on View File System.

Go to the Edit drop down in the top menu bar and click on Settings
Change the phone type to LG-VX5500 and click Ok.

In the left screen click on Filesystem

In the middle screen click on +Folder
Then click on the +Synched folder
Then the my_pictures folder

Your picture files will be displayed in the right screen and you can right click on each one and save them to your PC.


  1. You are awesome! That worked perfectly. Your directions were right on the money. I hate that this phone can't do this more easily and I didn't like that I had to save each picture one at a time and could not preview them first. Most importantly though; thanks to you I have a way to get my pictures to my PCfrom my phone. Thank you very much for your effort!

  2. Yeah, that's a great tip! Thanks! I was just struggling with this issue, and luckily ran into your tips. In addition to downloading images from your phone, you can also UPLOAD things to your phone, including ringtones, photos, etc. If you right-click on the folder that you want to upload something to, and select "New file", you can browse to the folder and file on your computer that you want to upload to your phone. I had created a bunch of mp3 ringtones previously for my old phone, and now I have them loaded up to my new phone. For some reason, you can't upload them to the "my_ringtones" folder, but if you upload them to "my_sounds", they are available as ringtones. After uploading them, just go to My Sounds, and select the SetAs option, where you can set them as ringtones or ContactID.

    Thanks again!

    P.S. With my LG-VN150, I didn't have to set the phone type, as described above. I just went to Edit/Detect Phone, and it set it as "Other CDMA phone...". But it certainly works with the described setting above.

  3. Worked Great! Also uploaded pics to phone from computer to use as wallpaper. Will try to upload ringtones as previous comment suggested.

  4. I have bit pim and it sees the phone, however, it says the access to the directory has been blocked by the phone provider. (verizon?) Any idea how to un-block it?

  5. Sheri - Verizon updated the software on the newer Revere, along with all of there other models, to block Bit Pim. Only the older handsets will be able to navigate this work around. It boils down to the dollars. Bit Pim allowed you to put your own ringtones and such on your phone without paying Verizon. It was blocked.

    1. @MStriker:

      I know this reply is probably too little, too late, but I also ran into the blocked BitPim as you did trying to upload ringtones to my mother-in-law's Revere. I figured out a workaround that is comically easy to get the ringtones onto the phone.

      1. Connect the phone by USB and run BitPim.
      2. Have it detect the phone.
      3. Go to Edit -> Settings and change the phone to a LG-VX10000 (Voyager).
      4. Upload your ringtones by right clicking the right pane and choose New File.
      5. Close BitPim, disconnect USB and reboot the phone.
      6. Your ringtones will now be at the top of the list on your ringtones menu.

      That's all it takes. Just tell BitPim it's not a Revere and it won't stop you from uploading. Easy work around is easy! :D

  6. Anyone knows hot to transfer contacts too?

  7. I just recently upgraded my phone to a LG-VN150 (JAN2012) and was able to use BitPim to download my pictures. In the process of trying to do this before I discovered this post, I did download and install the windows driver for this phone from the LG Forum and then I installed and ran the VZW Software Upgrade Assistant - LG. I don't know if my phone was blocked and this unblocked it or not. When I first plug the phone in, it shows up as a drive in MyComputer, then it goes away. It does show up in Device Manager as functioning.

    I would recommend that you download BitPim from:
    I have a very hard time figuring out which button to press on BrotherSoft.

  8. Thank you for the advice, this worked PERFECTLY!

    A tip for others is to right-click on the library "my_pictures" and just click "Backup Directory..."

    I had 120 pics so this was muucch easier than transferring them manually.

  9. Yes! It worked perfectly. Thank you. Now, does anyone know a way to use this cheap ass prepaid verizon phone as a modem weather tethered or as a hot spot?

  10. how do i do it I cant get bitpim to get it working

  11. it's a hassle. Ya gotta attach the phone to PC and say yes to letting windows download the USB driver. Upon launch, BitPim may say you're missing a .dll (find and download it). Then you have to mess around with BitPim until it detects the phone (even when detected, BitPim may say the phone is which case, you have to say it's a different phone).

    Basically, none of BitPim's GUI interface works with the Revere. You have to access the "Synched" folder from the "Filesystem" hierarchy/menu and then it's all drag and drop (or right click>delete).

    Every time you launch BitPim, you're gonna have to click "no" to re-downloading the phone's USB driver and, depending on how BitPim feels that day, it may block the phone, you gotta switch names, again.

    ...other than all that BS, it works.

  12. I was successfully able to transfer via BitPim a couple ringtones, into the /synched/my_ringtones folder. It accepts MID, WAV, and MP3 formats.

    Once you do that, you have to shut off the phone, then turn it back on. Your new ringtones will show in the list in Settings and Tools in the Sound Settings menu of the phone.

  13. Awesome Find! Thanks so Much!
    @ionan: I am wondering how to grab the contacts, too.

  14. Thank you everyone! This worked well for me. I know the code to unblock the phone is the last four numbers of my deceased husband’s phone; however, I am still trying to figure out how to back-up the default images used as the wallpaper. The phone will not allow me to send them via Bluetooth or attaching them in a text message. I have tried to find the images online but was unsuccessful, does anyone have any ideas?

  15. I am so happy I stumbled across this blog. I already had BitPim installed and had used with our previous cell phones, but the LG Revere was a mystery. The original instructions by the blogger with the follow-up by "Unknown" on telling BitPim that the phone is not an LG Revere were perfect. Th icing on the cake was the post by "CSPAN" to right click the pictures folder to back up the directory - waaaay better than saving each image one by one. Thanks so much to all for this invaluable information.

    1. i keep getting a missing dll error i am sorry i deleted to program atm and cant remember what it was something that ended in 71.dll lol i know i suck i tryed looking for the file but all i could find were fixit programs that wanted to sell me shit or infect my system

  16. MStriker, thank you very, very much for posting this. I returned from a trip to Alaska last week, and in addition to taking photos on two cameras I also used my phone. I was dismayed to discover that I was unable to transfer via the USB line, and that I was denied access to the required driver by Verizon and that according to LG, the driver I needed was no longer available. Following your instructions, I just copied all my photos to my ancient PC and backed them up to an external hard drive. I bought this phone last year and had taken some photos but was fine just having them stay on the phone--that is, until my trip. Suddenly it was very important to have access to these pictures and not have them trapped forever in the phone. I figured the driver being blocked or 'no longer available' was a device to get people to upgrade, but having over a year to go on my contract I was not going to do that. SO glad to have ALL my trip photos on my computer now. Thanks for taking the time to figure this out and share it with the rest of us.

  17. Fortunately I retrieved all my trip photos, but now when I just tried to transfer a few more recent photos I can't reach the +Synched folder.
    Did the following:
    Plugged the VN150 into the PC with the USB cable (phone on)
    Launched BitPim
    Selected View File System
    Clicked on Settings, changed phone type to LG-VX5500, OK
    Clicked on Filesystem
    Click on +Folder
    There was something else I did last time to get the synched folder to appear, but I didn't make note of it and now don't recall. Once I found the synched folder, my pictures came up and I was able to transfer with no problem but this I can't reach +Synched. Posting this here in case anyone checks in. Thanks!

  18. Thank you thank you thank you! You saved me so much time!

  19. This does not work now. I tried and it said blocked by my phone provider. Is there anything I can do. I did this once a long time ago. Thanks.

    1. same problem here...always worked now suddenly says "blocked by phone provider" :(

  20. This worked for the LG 8350, phone is not activated; pics were under a folder titled mmc1.

  21. Thanks for the post. This solution to media transfer from LG to PC is perfect and only fix for me as I have basic phone service - no Internet, Voice Mail etc. A note: www.brothersoft etc. no longer links to BitPim. Go directly to

  22. Thank you for researching and publishing this. You've solved a messy issue and I greatly appreciate it. Brothersoft does still link to the BitPim site, but there are several steps to get there. That's how I made it to them. Verizon doesn't support anything with The Cloud unless it's a smart phone or tablet. My lap top doesn't have blue tooth. You made it easy. Thank you.

  23. Just a warning to anyone considering downloading BitPim...


    My PC won't let me download it from any location because of this. Does anyone out there know of any VIRUS-FREE alternatives to BitPim???


  24. A related question, I think: What is the specification for a WAV file to sound right when played on the VN150? I had a music WAV file (Sample Rate: 16 KHz, Sample Size: 16 bit mono) which played fine on my PC but was way too loud and distorted on the VN150.
    So what should it be?

  25. Someone suggested I try MP3 format. Can the LG VN150 Revere even play MP3 files? And how would I get it into the phone?

  26. Thank you sooo much for this article!!! I was able to retrieve pics of my cats from the phone!

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  27. Be careful downloading this program! I tried to download it and our firewall detected Conduit spyware inside it. And Conduit is a very NASTY infection to get rid of.

  28. Unable to use. Message is no ports available. I am running W 7 (64 bit)

    1. Same here. I used to have XP SP3; it worked, then stopped. Then I got a new laptop with W7 Home Premium 64 bit and it worked again, now it doesn't. No ports available/no phone recognized. I've tried setting several different phones manually; no luck. Too bad; I have a few more photos I'd like to retrieve but it's looking like they will be trapped forever in my LG Revere VN150.

  29. I could not get it to work with BitPim, I also got the "no ports available/no phone recognized" message, but I did find another much easier way to transfer all the pictures.

    I used the Bluetooth feature on my Windows 7 laptop to pair the phone with the laptop and then I was actually able to browse the My Pictures folder and copy the pictures to the laptop. I believe I would also be able to use the My Pictures...Options...Manage Pictures...Send option on the phone to select 100 photos at a time to the laptop. I think it depends on how the Bluetooth software is implemented on the laptop.

  30. You may have thought about this already but you can 'send' pictures to E-Mail addresses just like sending pictures to another cell phone.

    Go to the menu of the phone and go to my pictures.
    Select the picture you want and then hit 'options'.
    Hit 'send'.
    Next, hit 'picture message'.
    Fill in the field or fields with E-Mail address or addresses.
    Hit 'OK'.
    Hit send.
    Of course the disadvantage of this is that you only send one picture at a time.
    The advantage of this is you can get the picture out of the phone before your phone
    gets stolen or wrecked !

  31. using BitPim to access my LG Revere 2 (VN150S) hidden file system works great. Thanks for the information.

  32. Thank you so much for this. My mom has tons of pictures on her phone and loves pictures. She was so sad that she had to delete old pictures to get new ones and this solved that for her. :)

  33. THANK YOU. Previously I've just emailed photos to myself, but the Revere insists on reducing them when they're sent as messages. This is way better.

  34. Followed your instructions to retrieve and save pictures from an LG Revere phone. All worked fine as directed until I tried to save the pictures. The files could not be opened or saved because it was blocked by the provider - Verizon. Any other instructions would be appreciated. Thanks.