Sunday, October 16, 2011

Transfer Media from LG-VN150 Revere to PC

The VN150 was not designed to transfer media to your PC via a USB connection, but there is a way to do it.  I am posting this after spending a ton of time finding the solution myself and figure there is bound to be someone else who needs the info.  The Revere is not recognized as an accessible storage device by your PC, VCast does not support it and there are no LG drivers nor updates that will make it compatible.  There is only one way directly load pictures from the handset to your PC.

Download and install BitPim, you can find it free yourself or follow this link.

Plug your VN150 into your PC with the USB cable and make sure it is turned on.

Launch BitPim

In BitPim, go to the View in the top menu bar and click on View File System.

Go to the Edit drop down in the top menu bar and click on Settings
Change the phone type to LG-VX5500 and click Ok.

In the left screen click on Filesystem

In the middle screen click on +Folder
Then click on the +Synched folder
Then the my_pictures folder

Your picture files will be displayed in the right screen and you can right click on each one and save them to your PC.